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Chaoyang Xinhua Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd.
Chaoyang Xinhua Enterprise (Group) was founded by the chairman Mr. Gao Zhanxiang in 1984. The Group was established in April, 1994. The Group has kept the rapid and stable development momentum since the establishment. The Group consists of seven independent corporate enterprises and eight branches now. The businesses include the general contracting of housing construction and special contract, passenger transport, bus transportation service, the terminal management of network technology product, the production of culture media, the cultivation of sika deer, the development of tourism products and other fields. The Group is a diversified group of private enterprise.
The Xinhua Enterprise (Group) regards “integrity, loyalty and filial piety, dignity, harmonious, innovation and development” as the enterprise spirit, goes after the sustainable development, pays equal attention to economic benefits and social benefits, takes the investment methods of short-term investment, medium and long-term investment, long-term investment and diversified investment to complement each other’s advantages and share resources, and devotes to build the group into industrialization, standardization, scale, standardization and ecotype well-known enterprise group with the strong development ability and industry competitiveness.
Since its establishment, the group has won many honors such as: Liaoning province “Provincial Advanced Enterprise of Archives Management”, Chaoyang city “Legitimate Rights and Interests Protection Unit of Individual Private Enterprise”, “Good Creditworthiness Enterprise”, “Civilization Unit”, “The Advanced Unit of Respect Teachers and Value Education”, “The Advanced Unit Contributing to the Sichuan Wenchuan Earthquake Relief Fund”.
The group regards “creating the first-class enterprise, promoting the regional development and returning the harmonious society” as the forever mission of the enterprise, follows the development of times, abides by the competitive concept of “self –improvement, benign competition, mutual-appreciation and mutual support”, carries forward the humanist spirit “ceaseless self-improvement, pursuit of excellence”, regards the promotion of social development as own duty, and composes the beautiful poem for the fast development of the enterprise and for the revitalization of Chaoyang economy.
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Address: No. 13, street, Zhongshan, Chaoyang City, Liaoning, Tel: 0421-3901548 3902401 Fax: 0421-3901548 3902401
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